U fokusu rada Instituta za evropske poslove je praćenje pregovora Srbije sa EU i jačanje kapaciteta svih uključenih u procesu. Imajući u vidu složenost i dugotrajnost ovog procesa, Institut okuplja veliki broj stručnih saradnika sa kojima organizuje treninge, debate i druga usavršavanja zato što želimo da svojim radom doprnesemo boljem razumevanju evroatlantskih integracija. Institut radi na organizovanju treninga i pružanju multiperspektivnih informacija kako bismo omogućili aktivno učešće stručne javnosti i građana u procese donošenja odluka. Institut aktivno zagovara i zalaže se za temeljne reforme u okviru pegovaračkog procesa i u saradnji sa partnerima jačamo kapacitete Srbije da se suoči sa izazovima u globalnom svetu kroz zajedničko delovanje, koje za krajnji cilj ima aktivno članstvo Srbije u evroatlantskim okvirima za dobrobit svih građana.

Narrative report

Screenshot from 2014-04-07 22:03:39When I came back from Belgrade with all those amazing memories from YRA seminar, my university supported me very much through media appearance. Staff at this private institution were proud to have youth reconciliation ambassador and they give me chance to organize my peer to peer lecture at university Sarajevo School of Science and Technology. This university has launched a new Master’s Programme in Conflict Analysis and Reconciliation. Studying conflict in a post-conflict setting such as Sarajevo will provide students a first-hand perspective and direct understanding of challenges while discussing and integrating theory, research and practical approaches. This was one more reason to provide peer to peer lecture at this institution. I organized this lecture on 7th March 2013 at 10:00h. There were around 30 participants that attended my lecture. Some of them were my friends from other universities and the others were from my University. As presentation and discussion take time and some of them had to attend their lectures at the university, we watched documentary and only 18 participants stayed until end.

First part of this lecture was introducing participants with NGO Youth Education Committee and their work in Belgrade. Later on I focused much more on Youth Reconciliation Ambassadors seminar and how much it influenced my perceptions and how multi perspective approach helped me during this visit to understand many things that happened and still face us in everyday life. I showed the application form and stated that they should follow Youth Education Committee on facebook page and on website in order to follow up all activities.

Second part of my lecture was my power point presentation. I talked about all topics from seminar and covered each of them with some bullet points and explanations. I bring the copies of statistics of the office of war crimes prosecutor in Serbia, in order to discuss the slow justice and processing of war crimes in BiH. Third part of this peer to peer lecture was watching documentary “Bringing down the Dictator”. Many participants did not even know anything about the OTPOR student movement organization that was presented in this movie. At the end they stated that they was very motivated with this movie and started great discussion together with me. I really believe that I inspired them to be more active citizens, to feel responsible for reconciliation and to apply for this amazing seminar in Serbia.

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