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The USA is the biggest donor to the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Serbia in 2018

Seventy years since the founding of NATO, data show that the member states of this alliance are the biggest donors to the Ministry of Defense of Serbia. According to official data from the Ministry, the highest amount of funds in 2018 in the form of donations was received from the US Department of Defense.

The Institute sent a request to the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Serbia for accessing information of public importance regarding the donations for 2018. The answer states that the total amount of donations in the form of equipment is 2,516,252 euros out of which 2,375,352 euros has been donated only by the US Department of Defense. Next on the list of donors for the past year are the Kingdom of Norway (100,000 euros), the United Kingdom (17,000 euros), the Czech Republic (10,000 euros) and the European Union Delegation to the Republic of Serbia (8,000 euros). On the other hand, donors are the Jefferson Institute (5,000 euros) and Jack Vukasovic, as an individual, from France (900 euros).

Donations are just one of the forms of Serbia’s cooperation with NATO. Serbian army, from 2012 to 2018, participated in 11 international military exercises with NATO, as well as in 98 military exercises with NATO member states. The two largest exercises carried out within this cooperation are Serbia 2018 and REGEX. When it comes to participation of the Serbian army in international missions, the Ministry of Defense has approved the participation of the Army in seven United Nations peacekeeping missions (two completed, five in progress) and six peacekeeping missions of the European Union (two completed, four in progress), in the period from 2003 to 2018. In the period from 2012 to June 2018, 2866 members and 316 members of the RS Army were engaged in these peacekeeping missions. Only in 2018, 11 members of the MoD and the Supreme Command were sent to the career development of the military institutions of four states, three of them NATO members (Germany, Italy and Great Britain) and Russia.

Although Serbia’s cooperation with NATO members and the alliance itself in these fields is on a very high level, the media rarely shares this information. We also recall the Institute’s research conducted in January 2019 under the name of 20 years since the NATO bombing; cooperation is never better – is it time for membership? in which the scope and types of cooperation between Serbia and NATO are elaborated in more detail. The entire research can be downloaded from the Institute’s website.

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