Institute for European Affairs is focusing on negotiations between Serbia and the EU as well as on strengthening the capacity of all sides involved in the process. Given the complexity and long duration of the process, the Institute brings together a large number of professionals and external experts with whom organises trainings, debates and other forms of capacity development. We want to contribute to enhanced understanding of Serbia-EU relations. The Institute provides multi-perspective trainings in order to enable active participation of professionals and citizens in the decision-making processes. The Institute actively advocates for fundamental reforms within the EU integration process and in cooperation with partners working on strengthening Serbia's capacity to face the challenges of the global world through collective action. The overall objective is active membership of Serbia in Euro-Atlantic framework for the benefit of all citizens.

Goran Novković

1iHe was born in Knin, Croatia. He finished First economy school and is currently at his third year of Arabic language, literature and culture at Faculty of Philology in Belgrade.

During his studies he participated at numerous conferences, seminars and projects organized by non-governmental and student organizations such as Society for academic development, Aiesec Serbia and Students parliament of the Faculty of Philology. He began his volunteering experience in February of 2014 and since then has worked on more than 10 events and festivals, became a member of 6 non-governmental organizations and was a part of organizational team on 5 projects.

In 2014 he was the co-founder of the first Performing Arts section of Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, which has over 200 members and continued his work in the section as a coordinator. He co-organized “Humanitarian poetic-musical evening by students of the Faculty of Philology and Faculty of Music” and coordinated a team of 12 volunteers. He is a member of Committee for international relations of Faculty of Philology, Society for academic development, Aiesec Serbia, Youth hostel club Surcin etc. He worked as a tour guide on numerous cultural events and study visits such as “International student week in Belgrade”, “Museum night 2014” and various exhibitions. Besides Arabic language, he is studying Swedish, Korean, and Italian and is fluent in English. He is also engaged in translating English texts. He works as a teacher of Arabic language and culture at the Faculty of mechanical engineering.

Goran was an intern in Youth Education Committee from July 1 until September 30, 2014.

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