U fokusu rada Instituta za evropske poslove je praćenje pregovora Srbije sa EU i jačanje kapaciteta svih uključenih u procesu. Imajući u vidu složenost i dugotrajnost ovog procesa, Institut okuplja veliki broj stručnih saradnika sa kojima organizuje treninge, debate i druga usavršavanja zato što želimo da svojim radom doprnesemo boljem razumevanju evroatlantskih integracija. Institut radi na organizovanju treninga i pružanju multiperspektivnih informacija kako bismo omogućili aktivno učešće stručne javnosti i građana u procese donošenja odluka. Institut aktivno zagovara i zalaže se za temeljne reforme u okviru pegovaračkog procesa i u saradnji sa partnerima jačamo kapacitete Srbije da se suoči sa izazovima u globalnom svetu kroz zajedničko delovanje, koje za krajnji cilj ima aktivno članstvo Srbije u evroatlantskim okvirima za dobrobit svih građana.


I’ve had experience with a variety of programs that teach different values​​, activities and topics of great benefit to the community. What I really can not point out is that the experience of the „Young Ambassadors of Reconciliation“ great for me and has opened up a completely different page in my activities. What makes me particularly happy is the fact that I attended the program with a truly progressive young people, above all different, from different backgrounds, and in fact from the same region. Depend on each other are listening carefully lessons teacher, living under the same roof and spent time in the same place on the same topics. I was unthinkable before, that I did have the opportunity to participate in such seminars, along with peers from the region You institutions we visited, however, the institutions of the importance of Serbia, as well as embassies. How is it could happen to such a bloody war in the region? It could happen. Prepared for a number of years, the war does not happen overnight, it is done for years. Brilliant Dubravka(professor of history) us through a mixture of charm and impeccable intelligence explains how advertising is a complex process that occurs after the growing medium for the creation of the war. Numerous examples of the Balkan conflict just to confirm. There were the four countries of the region, one of which comes from and where the seminar was held, another neighbor who has a complicated life, both material and political, a third who wants somewhere where she will not allow it and the fourth is also extremely poor, certainly the youngest in Europe. And we’re young, so beautiful, so smart, so we still have over twenty. We are different, some more some less sensitive. We are young! The important fact is that now that who looks at it. I realized this whole project as a combination of pleasant with the useful. We did not come to visit Belgrade, not like some people who talk about something working order. We are here to reconcile the region, step by step, everything that we have people from institutions say enough how much we want and how we want, topics related to EU process in those countries. I was in a team that is full of diversity, different views about things logically different cultures and countries. Personally me, filled the many topics other than the process in an international court of justice in The Hague, a very important topic of the seminar was to identity, power, identity, in which we actively participate. Network have made as you weave the spider net. It was a model of how it should look our solidarity. There was talk about my favorite subject, which is called the Srebrenica! In Srebrenica, according to the International Court of Justice and the numerous facts 11 July in 1995. genocide against Bosniaks that end, pd by Bosnian Serbs. A number of processes have been completed, but unfortunately, still many of them are not prosecuted. When you talk about the conflicts in the former Yugoslavia, opinions are still deeply divided, variously looking at the outcome of the war, some of the events that are the generations of our parents’ lives soured. All activities are quite challenging for our entire region, topics that are looking back at you discuss are fundamental to reconciliation in the region. Looking at us like that, young, still somewhat childish, obstinate as a mature speech and see the situation in the region. As we sit at the same table, unlike many politicians still talk quite a distance through intermediaries. Sit at the same table, Envera, Jasmin, Agon, Boris, and many participants, from different comunities. When we would not know the situation in the region, looking to the side, you would think „so that the region does not lack anything, they are young from mature society that cares about them.“ We are not brokers and intermediaries with politicians, we the essence, those with demagoguery.

Listening as speakers, ambassadors, staff members of the Assembly and the government realized that, no matter the strife of our government, the media and all that we present to each other, we know perfectly what our problems. The goal of every young man is very similar and that is to live in peace, the values ​​of respect and financial gain. I did not agree with everyone, not anticipated, and it not acceptable to me, that all have the same work, speak and think.

After all seminars, they shrug my impressions. My greatest encouragement is that I have co-workers in other countries who are doing serious business. We are very important, each of individuals who can make a difference, who are allowed to say what they need. Absorbing the word teacher, examples from the past that must never happen again, to get to the truth and justice. I think that the „Youth Board of Education“ has achieved an important step in improving relations between young people from the region, which at the micro level build a team that has a lot to do, especially their peers and gathering students from the Western Balkans, listening to the many speakers, visiting the institution, and as I consider most urgent conversation with each other, discussion, different views on things. It is very important not to give up on their mission, not to get tired of intent to primarily help their community, while the community directed to the region, which will I hope in the near future will be on the threshold of the European Union! The past is past and we all have traces of the childhood of war, poverty and conflict, therefore stay in the seminar once again reminded me very much present, we can create a gradual, cocoa futures would make us less burdened by issues of conflict, primarily due to the younger generation.

Actualy, our activism and succesful of that, depends of our ideas and learning process.

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