Institute for European Affairs is focusing on negotiations between Serbia and the EU as well as on strengthening the capacity of all sides involved in the process. Given the complexity and long duration of the process, the Institute brings together a large number of professionals and external experts with whom organises trainings, debates and other forms of capacity development. We want to contribute to enhanced understanding of Serbia-EU relations. The Institute provides multi-perspective trainings in order to enable active participation of professionals and citizens in the decision-making processes. The Institute actively advocates for fundamental reforms within the EU integration process and in cooperation with partners working on strengthening Serbia's capacity to face the challenges of the global world through collective action. The overall objective is active membership of Serbia in Euro-Atlantic framework for the benefit of all citizens.

Sofija Martinović

Born in Belgrade where she graduated from Fifth economic school „Rakovica“. She is currently a student of Faculty of Political Sciences, majoring in international relations. During her studies she was on teaching scientific council and in the faculty council where she is still to this day.  She is also activate in the field of nonformal education and she is a member of European student forum FPN and Forum of young people. She participeted in many projects such as humanitarian like „Humanijada“ and „Novogodišnje darolije“. Sofija is also interested in foreign affairs and ecology.

She speaks English.

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