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Possibilities vs. Aspirations

Oftenly, I am meeting a lot of dilemmas, my personal and dilemmas of the others. Suprisly, no metter about nature of problem, dilemmas were born in the moment when we try to decide how to act. In order with our moral principles or in order with logical facts/objectivities.

I had never worry about way of act. In the current circumstances one of both way was leading me. Or neither one. In this case I am talking about dilemmas addressed to civil rights, including inseparable responsibilities.

Today, from my perspective’s corner, I can see Humans don’t know many things. To don’t know (any)thing is more efficiently today. Many possibilities and advantages to “don’t know” then to “know” are around.

I am remarking, I am talking in behalf of myself and in behalf of the others’ conclusion and interpretations adressed to me.

As I get the point today, many things wich i didn’t understand befor, are essence; essence for both: war or peace, depend how You going to use it.

So, here are „mine facts“ wich i shaped in my mind during the latest „political“ education:

Case the First: I liked to present myself like an apolicital person. Today, under the laws of social dynamics, I see apolitical person means unlettered one. Unlettered me and the huge number of counterparts. I realized, it’s absurdly to be angry if someone was vote for “someone” if I am not do the same for “someone more appropriate” during local elections. On my apolitical way, I missed my chance and in same time I discussed about my omission’s advantage. Until I decided to stop to be unlettered person! I realized, if I do not respect opportunities to make changes, I do not respect myself and needs either.

Same as the huge number of counterparts!

The Key message/lesson of case the First: to be political informed is obligate of every citizen who want/like to discuss and to be involved in process of social progress. Why obligate? Because knowledge reduce conflicts caused by a lack of understanding.

Case the Second: disagreement is not lack of communication.

It is lack of aspiration to have good one. The good communication solves half of problem.

I have right to have attitude. But, the same rule is applicable to anyone who doesn’t agree with me.

The key message/lesson of case the Second: Compromise1.

I am daring to think The Compromise is the most powerful non- instinctive tool for the survival of the human species.

Case the Third: Identity2.

Others’ opinion about me and mine personal opinion about me is not the same thing, but make the unity of me. I’m consisting of the name, body and maybe faith and few more spices (usually used in country where I took my first breath). It determined me!

Everyone have Identity right. In order with this premise, anyone don’t have right to deprive rights of the other.

The key message/lesson of case the Third: we can be anything what we want to be. We are the part of community. That’s why we shouldn’t forget that every unique Identity is responsible to community’s progress.

Case the Forth: I made this case based on the previous facts.

The Humans stand behind or beside or even in front of the main idea: Faith/Religion/Belief. During our travel across life, we usually lost civil/human responsibilities and endeavor to make The Compromise going to be drawn.

Today, in behalf of myself, I am thinking religion is one very sensitive “imposed- arbitrarily” category, if all items of The Identity are not mature enough “for use”.

It means the name of person is not whole meaning of personality.

I am honored to meet many Identities and being part of more or less successful Compromises.

The saddest fact I can see: in the name of God, Freedom, Human rights and the others The Nobly things we try to steel the same from the other to make our stronger. To make ourselves better persons. We can do it, can’t we?

What I am trying to do ? Wich kind of contribution I can make?

For now, as memeber and part of society I have to respect human nature and the Cases. Everything start from us. I can have what I give. I’ll promote culture of diversity for good challenges in my life. In order with human nature.

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