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My Contribution to The Regional Reconciliation

Every human belongs to a part of some society. Society in which he lives, creates, develops himself… Perhaps in his early age it isn’t as observed but each one is important for that society. Each person is part of a living chain, chain and affects primarily of its own existence and behavior and a parallel on the society and others who are part of it. In my society as well as any other there are residents of a different age with different ideas, views, jobs, etc. My country according to her location is part of the Balkan Peninsula. Balkans is well known for its divisions, tensions between the neighboring countries, ethnic strife and wars of the distant and recent past between the citizens of each country, etc. Although 21st century propaganda reigns everywhere for peace, equality, breaking down stereotypes, discrimination on different grounds, still there are ups and downs again who activate those unfortunate events in this area. I think everyone has a different perception and its own theory when we are looking for causes and culprits of what happened or is happening. Sometimes there is too much subjectivity influence on certain ethnic groups and unfortunately it does not result in positive. Mover is imminent political factor that has a stake in all events in this area. My personal opinion is that if everyone wants he can be productive in the society that he exists. Might affect the educational process but if as a young person like me see the real impact of any negative occurrence she would reasoned that everyone should contribute these events to be eradicated from our society. I think that young people should gradually influence and secure environment ranging from immediate family members and beyond. Unlike the previous generations today we live in a society that is with fast rhythms with modern computerized technology and I think if we focus on this problem can greatly influence and to make a result in a positive contribution to everyone. My opinion is that I today in many ways can express my opinion and my voice can be heard and valued in some way. Perhaps not everyone would supported me in my views, activities, but it is enough to start to be able to establish contact with some people who respect diversity and want to hear an alien attitude and opinion. I think that all who agree that it is inevitable to live with different people in a society who are of different nationalities, gender group, age, religion, and between them there are some basic codes of respect, coexistence, understanding the differences is the key in process of reconciliation in the Balkans. I think that all of us who are against any kind of discrimination can contribute to building coexistence and reconciliation in the Balkans. There are so many ways that we can influence to live in peace and a better life. Although realistically it is painstaking and lengthy process which will certainly run into many obstacles and resistance from individuals who don’t think identically. I think that with a strong faith, motivation and cooperation of like-minded people I can be active in this field and successful. When any one would like and if he could be part of such a process if it is something you really want to make you will be in it with unselfish labor, time, and all energy will be devoted to this activity. I can act in many different ways and with different groups of people. For example, with children from the earliest age you can talk and get them interesting information about other people around them and somehow from the little feet they are grounded with sense of empathy, togetherness, acceptance of each child-man, although not the same as them. They can be in this process with perform through various social games, quizzes and countless other activities. We can also influence on young adolescents although they are in the rebellious years I think it is a target group that can contribute a lot in the process of reconciliation. Adolescents and young people practice are the future of the Balkans and being a part of modern time they are made aware of the consequences of the past and can be absolute winners in building coexistence and those who would not allow to repeat the events that would cause damage and collapse in place in which they live. I think that the contribution to reconciliation process must begin with the first action in his native place / country then gradually occupy and broader cooperation with the character of young allies in the region. Although you may run into difficulties, distrust, ridicule, denial, etc… if we want we can be part of it too important segment and to fight for what is really important to us. If you actually see the consequences of a war, ethnic discrimination and similar negative phenomenon even most young and adults would participate in the interactive process that would have reconciled these tensions and to avoid developments on events which would be fatal to any individual regardless of where he is or any other thing. The actual perception of the consequences of a negative occurrence whether individuals have experienced on their own skin or it is just theoretical support is sufficient reason and incentive to act on its prevention and realizing. Only in this way we can contribute and actively be part of the process of reconciliation that is necessary and needs of our Balkans.

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