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Amina Herak – Essay

„ Darkness cannot drive out darkness,

Only light can do that.

Hate cannot drive out hate,

Only love can do that.“

Martin Luther King

My homeland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, has 2 entities, Brcko District and 3 president. The situation in the country is extremely complicated because of the strong social cleavages, weak economy, institutional weakness and political instability, due to such epithets Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the weak countries in the region. When it will come to a positive change, to step forward, it’s hard to say. Bosnia and Herzegovina has long standing in the European way, but literally-standing and not moving. In itself, the BiH Constitution is discriminatory and constitutes many inconveniences and inferiority of minority groups in this country. One of the most famous examples of this case is definitely a case Sejdic- Finns. So BiH could move from “start” on the path of EU and resolve other issues, first it should resolve this question. The problem of minority groups can be resolved only by changing the entire constitution.It’s hard to be a young person in Bosnia and Herzegovina, because we do not have nearly the same conditions as the European youth. Our education system is still undefined, the Bologna process is still not implemented consistently, unemployment is high at the top of the pyramid problem BiH, poverty also took its momentum while state powers fill their pockets.

This situation is certainly a consequence of the wars that are rushed  through the states of the former Yugoslavia, the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, relive the situation across the region. The first post-war issue was interregional reconciliation? How do people get back the faith they once had in each other, and 20 years after the war, this issue is still actively working on its implementation. The first thing that is obligatory for Bosniak people on the path of regional reconciliation would certainly be the prosecution of crimes in the war 1992 – 1995. and acceptance of responsibility for the genocide in Srebrenica. Decision of the court, to remind you, was that Serbia is not guilty for the genocide in Srebrenica, and there are to blame forces that besieged city, as the Court declared. Serbia not guilty of genocide, but it is responsible and guilty for not prevented and what is not cooperating enough with the Hague Tribunal. After the final judgment, Prime Minister  of the RS expressed the view that the lawsuit Justice, which BiH against Serbia and Montenegro, unlegal and illegitimate, because it was not a reflection of all the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The fact is that the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina for the past 20 years living together, they trying to move on, but still, hate Speech and squabbling politicians about the genocide in Srebrenica and national issues of matches they could well to light a fire!! For people to live together in harmony, working on economic and social issues previously must confess to crimes they have committed against each other and apologize for them, not that it still reduces the number of victims of both sides attributing them names collateral damage. Each victim has a name, like any criminal. One step forward certainly is the arrest of Slobodan Milosevic, Ratko Mladic and Radovan Karadzic and bringing them to justice.One step forward on this issue also is the text of the protocol on cooperation prosecution of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina in the prosecution of perpetrators of war crimes. Protocol Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Office of the War Crimes of the Republic of Serbia on cooperation in the prosecution of perpetrators of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide, provided the modalities of exchange of information and evidence in war crimes cases. All this is a plus point in the standings regional reconciliation and efficient prosecution of war crimes.

I represent the youth of my country and the region, I am not prejudiced towards other nations, my heart fills ambition, the desire for a better future, a desire to work toward a better future, the desire for education as young people have in Europe and the world. Life is too short to spend it in hatred and fear, because we have so much to do in region, so many building to raise, build the economy, improve the political system, social policy, regional security and the most important – education. So many ways to be run over but together. To achieve the goal of reconciliation and unity, people, especially young people need to invest in themself and their education, to develop as many skills as possible, collect as much knowledge from as many areas, because function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think criticaly. Young people are the greatest force, and if they want to achieve positive change in their own countries and in the region, they need to leverage knowledge gained in creating common projects, associations, unions and organizations.Only a positive and professional approach to certain situations and problems can affect some change. Participation in the program YRA certainly shows a willingness of young people in the region to be part of the big changes they want to see in the region,changes that must and should definitely come.

We have to start accepting the basic facts about the past, face them, and boldly moves forward European integration.And as long as we lived in the past, we will not have a better present or future.

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