Institute for European Affairs is focusing on negotiations between Serbia and the EU as well as on strengthening the capacity of all sides involved in the process. Given the complexity and long duration of the process, the Institute brings together a large number of professionals and external experts with whom organises trainings, debates and other forms of capacity development. We want to contribute to enhanced understanding of Serbia-EU relations. The Institute provides multi-perspective trainings in order to enable active participation of professionals and citizens in the decision-making processes. The Institute actively advocates for fundamental reforms within the EU integration process and in cooperation with partners working on strengthening Serbia's capacity to face the challenges of the global world through collective action. The overall objective is active membership of Serbia in Euro-Atlantic framework for the benefit of all citizens.

Peer to Peer Education

What was the topic of the discussion and how was organised?

I organized a workshop which topic wasImportance of EU integration for the Republic of Serbia” in cooperation with EU info centre. It was realized at the working space of EU info centre. Participants were students from different faculties of University of Belgrade.

Explain the reaction of the participants on your speech.

Participants were very curious about the topic, they were very active during the workshop and asked a lot of questions and shared their own opinions and thoughts.

Have you notice the impact of your lecture on the participants? Explain.

We achieved that participants widen their knowledge about the EU integration, it’s principles and beliefs. As participants said, through this workshop they received a lot of informations that they did not heard before. They are interested to participate in similar workshops in the future.

What were the questions posed by the participants and how did you react?

The questions that were posed by the participants were:

  • With which countries do you think that Serbia will go together in EU?

  • How far have we gone through the integration process?

  • When we become EU member state, will it bring to that that a lot of people will leave Serbia in searching of a better life?

  • How does the USA affects the EU?

  • Is joining NATO requirement for entry into the EU?

On questions I answered on the basis of previously acquired knowledge and experience and also with the help of representative of EU info centre and Team Europe – Serbia.

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