Institute for European Affairs is focusing on negotiations between Serbia and the EU as well as on strengthening the capacity of all sides involved in the process. Given the complexity and long duration of the process, the Institute brings together a large number of professionals and external experts with whom organises trainings, debates and other forms of capacity development. We want to contribute to enhanced understanding of Serbia-EU relations. The Institute provides multi-perspective trainings in order to enable active participation of professionals and citizens in the decision-making processes. The Institute actively advocates for fundamental reforms within the EU integration process and in cooperation with partners working on strengthening Serbia's capacity to face the challenges of the global world through collective action. The overall objective is active membership of Serbia in Euro-Atlantic framework for the benefit of all citizens.

The New Foreign Policy Initiative

Taking into account the deep divisions in Serbian society, as well as the lack of consensus as regards to foreign policy and the international position of Serbia, we the undersigned civil society organizations submit The New Foreign Policy Initiative:

  1. We expect representatives of the Government and the opposition to reach the widest possible consensus on the most expedient finalization of the process of normalization of relations between Belgrade and Pristina. Without the conclusion of this process there is no possibility whatsoever for a successful democratic and economic development of Serbia and its positioning in the Western Balkans. Any absence of a comprehensive normalization of relations between Belgrade and Pristina will further isolate the country, bringing it in an extremely unfavourable position.

  2. Notwithstanding the EU’s internal problems and the upcoming elections for the European Parliament, we consider it necessary to speed up the process of European integration of Serbia, which has been trapped by the lack of a comprehensive legally binding agreement between Belgrade and Pristina and the non-implementation of internal reforms. The modernization of Serbian society is essentially inconceivable without the process of European integration.

  3. Full cooperation between Serbia and its neighbours should be urgently established on the basis of equality and mutual respect. This is not only a necessity for the European integration process, but it is in the best interest of all Serbia’s citizens. It is important to insist on immutability of state borders, as well as on their final definition when it comes to the Serbian border with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Montenegro.

  4. Intensifying full cooperation and partnership with NATO is of a vital interest for Serbia and its citizens. It is therefore necessary to stop anti-NATO media campaigns since the cooperation between Serbia and NATO has been advancing every year. Having in mind the experience of other Western Balkan countries, it is obvious that none of them succeeded in achieving its national strategic interests without the full cooperation and partnership with NATO.

Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence

Center for Regionalism

Center for Foreign Policy

European Movement Novi Sad

European Movement in Serbia

Forum for Security and Democracy

Forum for International Relations of the European Movement in Serbia

Helsinki Committee for Human Rights

Institute for European Affairs


Centre for Contemporary Politics – European Western Balkans

Centre for Applied European Studies – CPES

Council for Strategic Policy

Centre of Modern Skills

Women’s Leadership Academy

International Scientific Forum “Danube – River of Cooperation”

Citizens’ Platform

Atlantic Council of Serbia

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