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Nebojsa Tasic, longtime human rights activist, friend and board member of the Institute for European Affairs, has passed away

It is with great sorrow that we are informing the public that Nebojsa Tasic passed away yesterday afternoon in Belgrade, after a long struggle with a serious illness.

Nebojsa was not only a long-term member of the Board of the Institute for European Affairs, but also a great friend of our organization, whose work he has supported since its founding. u He began his career as a civic activist, anti-war and human rights activist, and fought wholeheartedly against the nationalism that destroyed his homeland. From the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, he further developed his career in the Anti-Corruption Agency, where he mainly dealt with education and training programs for the public service to fight corruption. He has largely dedicated his professional work to the defense and development of human rights in Serbia, the preservation of democratic values ​​and a strong and persistent fight against corrupt elements in all segments of society. He graduated pedagogy in Sarajevo, and completed his master’s studies at the University of Novi Sad. He was dedicated to working with young people, he was often in the role of educator and mentor, and many will remember him as someone who provided help and support at the beginning of their careers. During the last years of his life, despite a serious illness, he remained faithful to his work and continued to contribute to the goals of the Institute and efforts for a better, more responsible and just society.

After Nebojsas passing away, a big gap if left, not only in the professional environment, but also in the hearts of all those who had the opportunity and pleasure to know him. We are saying goodbye to him in great sorrow and with the sad thought that we have lost one of those hard-working and increasingly rare people in Serbia – responsible and consistent in their principles.

Condolences to family and friends, while the details regarding the funeral will be announced by the family.

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  • zorica Says

    Great person and a very dear friend. We knew each other from some 1993 on… he was very young when he started with his activism. During last 4 years our communication was very intense and so our friendship was growing. Will miss him, immensely.

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