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Shendriza Prokshi


Shendriza Prokshi

Peace in action

Talking for peace in general many times goes easy and not seldom it is taken for cliché, especially in last decades in Kosovo and neighbor countries, it was random a word and talk to be heard, that it is a must and someone asks from us (foreign countries) to be in peace with members of different ethnic and religious comities with whom for centuries we had boundaries and not healthy relations. These boundaries and tough relations between Albanians and Serbians have been extended in arm conflicts and bloody wars.

There is no war without victims , and no one can be victorious after ending of any war because of the caused damages and in the other side all these victims are humans no matter their ethnicity or religion identity , their lost makes the life of young generations difficult especially when it comes to face what happened in the dark past . There’s a must to face the past in order to move forward in the future , it depends from the present how we want to take the conflicts , wars which happened between us , and which lessons we take . Talking from my experience on peace from studies visit in Belgrade in frame of Youth Reconciliation Ambassadors , I never thought that all those stories revealed to the past could touch me in such way to inspire me to be more committed, I gained new knowledge’s and learned thins that I never knew . In the other seeing all those young participants from different regions of ex-Yugoslavia former so worried about the situation and interested in sharing their knowledge’s and personal experiences was another plus in the same time a push too cause in one way they inspired me to be even more focused and ready to see things closer from totally different corner. I felt a spark that lesson learnt from past to be guide for good life and better future for us , in our countries in Balkan .

As ambassador of Youth Reconciliation I’d love to give my commitment in this long and very important process, the road may be long and we have to face many obstacles but all these prejudices and hate towards different nations should end in order to have better collaboration in the future , by rising the eager of youth to face the past and to know the whole truth not only one side of the medallion .

Yet we need to work with our heads and hearts to respect each other beyond the differences not because of some laws or some powers ask so but because we need to be in real human relation with each other by breaking prejudices and building trust and respect among us .

“Observe good faith and justice toward all nations. Cultivate peace and harmony with all.”

George Washington

Në Mitrovicë u diskutua për bashkëjetesën

Në Mitrovicë u diskutua për bashkëjetesënGAZETAEXPRESSE hënë, 09 Shkurt 2015 21:40

​Në Mitrovicë u mbajt në aktivitet i organizuar nga ambasadorja e Programit të YRA-s Shëndriza Prokshi , ku te ftuarit patën rastin te dëgjojnë ligjërata nga sociologë , meqë rast shfaq një film “Tell your Children “ rreth te cilit u debatua .

Në debat morën pjesë të rijnë të komunitetit shqiptar , serb , boshnjak , romë , dhe turk që jetojnë ne Mitrovicën e Jugut dhe Veriut .

Ballafaqimi me te kaluarën u vlerësua si mjet për arritjen e Paqes dhe Pajtimit në mes komuniteteve , njohja e kulturës dhe gjuhës u paraqit si nevoja dhe kërkesë për përafrimin e brezave të rijnë të cilët zhvillojnë aktivitete të përbashkëta në qendrën rinore buzë lumit Ibër

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