U fokusu rada Instituta za evropske poslove je praćenje pregovora Srbije sa EU i jačanje kapaciteta svih uključenih u procesu. Imajući u vidu složenost i dugotrajnost ovog procesa, Institut okuplja veliki broj stručnih saradnika sa kojima organizuje treninge, debate i druga usavršavanja zato što želimo da svojim radom doprnesemo boljem razumevanju evroatlantskih integracija. Institut radi na organizovanju treninga i pružanju multiperspektivnih informacija kako bismo omogućili aktivno učešće stručne javnosti i građana u procese donošenja odluka. Institut aktivno zagovara i zalaže se za temeljne reforme u okviru pegovaračkog procesa i u saradnji sa partnerima jačamo kapacitete Srbije da se suoči sa izazovima u globalnom svetu kroz zajedničko delovanje, koje za krajnji cilj ima aktivno članstvo Srbije u evroatlantskim okvirima za dobrobit svih građana.

Miloslav Daniel


Miloslav Daniel


I believe that past Youth generation reconciliation was mentioned war 20 years ago which left hard wounds behind all men kind in former region, will not mentioning this disaster it was enough to talk about what was, we could speak what is our capabilities how could we read and listen. Unselfishly share the knowledge, is a question (HOW TO RECOGNIZE EVIL IN OUR SELF AND IN THE OTHERS).

„Human creature is the secret and the puzzle although spend all your life in unraveling, dont say that you were in vain״.


Dear readers Am aware that you will be afraid and little mad to stand be front of this essay.

Thank you that you take to read this essay with wondering spirit and wish to found out that something is not essential of the fact that fruit from wood wisdom ways argue and the common question i wanna to some things be reason for writing this essay is not just stimulated with evil which one is unfortunately already develop at all sides on the world Lets rather exceptionally for human kind which we also belongs and with faith that in every one of us exist enormous power and not used potential in our self’,which one just the little start the earth will be much better place for living-Goal which i wanna reach with this essay is to provoke different opinions on subjects of good and evilness in the man the only way to get the solution and came to idea because in humanistic unique Science does not exist decisions Humans could some haw affect to lite both sides argue for human noble nature i had rather love you dear readers to be on this the opinions expressed witch like just some possibilities which could lead on thinking and generalize some of the opinions expressed new ideas clarification human nature particularly when is rand generalize relationship between god and evilness in side of her is hard and demanding question that will bring just years and centuries which is be front of us perhaps and then like now human nature will be not know this is just small contribution to elucidation that problem here is one non credible data base since 1820 till 1945 every 68 second was murdered the one human if we look around on the past we will see that in last 150 years man kind made huge step in future development science and Technology which is significantly changed life on the planet Earth unfortunately development of science and technology of dimension is develop destructible human abilities threatening to be human kind destroyed. Accelerated and excessive peoples urbanization bring to living humanity so partly creating climate general indifference which intuitively leading in aggressiveness human became of men. With super human power which don*t lift up yet to super human mind in exchange to for joy of sharing with other human self-gratification him self with owning and accumulation material goodness spreading own property also not often taking from other we are as much as how we have the Socrates proof for this is language which we use to talk we often hear that person have love inside of her self but it also forgotten that love is impossible to hold with annuity wide hears meaning we can just feel love in side of ours body and give those who we love lots of us They do not let that The secret lies in essence of giving those who we sincerely love.

One interesting illustrations crowd of people there always be one number of people which is agresiv like personality much expressed(index of aggressiveness is counting on basic shouting, noise, yelling, firecrackers things throwing crackers fight with order organs fight with other people

Totally tolerant 14%

Light aggressive 46%

Medium aggressive(verbal duels) 23%

Much aggressive(verbal aggression throwing crackers in crowd) 12%

bullies(able to do anything to everyone hooligans) 5%

About hard people and tyrants:

(how to win them without joining them)

This kind of people is every where in the office on the streets in the mall in the air plane in line be front of first class in the opposite track on high way on the internet on the phone…Those are mans and women old and boring people young and puttered allied hood even the people which calling them friends.

Lets talk about emotions and how shift them in the lower gear:

When emotions is on the top at the highest level nothing positive will not happen even best solution for each problem to some problem will came on deaf ears how then to come down emotions and to measure it becomes possible you or other person have a job to do you need hear some solutions that you could took in consideration you could prick up ears other person if you use yours EAR techniques here it is, how they will work:

E –Enable other person that you realize and aware emotion stress or pressure person is and that you also was in similar equal hard situation.

A –Ask several not threatening question which will other person served like pressure valve for congested feelings.

R-Really brave other person to believe that he/she will at time or with acceptance the solution that will be good or make even be better.

Yogi said: End is at the finish line

You are polite person so what?

You are polite persons maybe not every second of yours precious time every our every day but mostly in the basic be polite or you just training to be polite there is bunch of people like you are people which have they good and bad moments people which don*t want to others call them suckers people which get together jobs which have short wick questions which they don*t want to let go „matter of principle“,even if time to time bump the basic hard head between at the end most of us „nice people“find the way to come to the end with deference why we interfere was that jobs meetings social events or family problems if person which you faces with is a prudent rational and in conscientious solutions is relative simply Both sides something gave and something took listen and study and find enough time to clear them When you deal behind the table in the garden room or in the phone conversation with really conscientious hard even with irrational individual what could you do?

A-To give up? To hide close your eyes and wait to passes if that person attack from lone start whether you wave with white flag and give up your self if punch you up the same moment when you put guard down do you turn and allow to punch in the second cheek?

B-Does your self also became unpleasant do you have to also quit kindness and became not flattering hard and irrational do you have to be more not flattering harder and irrational from other person?

C-To find some third solution does it exist „nicer“way to get what you want?

Because of this are create technique named NICE.

N-Neutral focusing on emotions

I-identifying which type

C-Capable super power during meeting

E-Entire designing options

Nice is systematic approach for successfully dealing with the hardest people in ours life and to not become one of them its simple its checked and applicable on practice with all kind person and any type of difficult people and on any difficult situation.


How system works

Neutral focus on the emotions dealing with the most difficult people could be emotional challenge what you’re emotional that less rational behavior contrary that yours emotion is under higher control, you became more powerfully and holding control when you are superior you can make secure positive outcome.

N-Neutralized focus on emotions.

I-Identify which type person is exist three basic types of heavy people (and few runs partly):

Situational heavy those people which situations or circumstances in which findings make difficult

Strategically heavy these people believe that unreasonably behavior is efficiently.

  • Simply heavy those humans which is just integral part of personality.

C-Could you change out comes yes you could wit super power while meeting with this techniques when you find out whit what type of heavy human being you have deal with and then you can use appropriate techniques to affect on flow and determine the outcome of meetings. If you use right techniques you can change the destiny and every they confrontation.

E-Enable options. Even if set the appropriate deadline while meeting could happened that you are still in situation with out solution. Process „Jam“often requires creating options-alternative solution-to be both sides could something to give and something to got. That turn on and option finishing without escalation for those cases in is the best not make any agreement, but maintain the possibility some future agreement).

How to deal with heavy conversation?

Get together yours self esteem and be more skilful

How to talk about that what bothering you: heavy conversations does not leading by confirming the facts. They are leading because of our understanding interpretation and values are different. They are the conflicting attitudes, they are deal wit meaning. Flight above no frills suggestions could be disaster. There is just one issue: I’m wrong. Talking feelings>What about emotions? Heavy conversation don*t lead just in whats happened they also turn on feelings. Question is does they will turn strong feelings. Should you need to tell the boss how does you rely feel because his way controlling or because someone who stole your idea. Why are we arguing and why this does not help? Think about your heavy conversations in which came to disagreement about that what is really happening and what should we do. What is your explanation? We think that they are the problem: When you in a good mood you will think“well everybody have his own opinion“or, always exist two sides every tail. But many of them this is not clear. Deep in our self we think that problem is simply in their own.

  • They are selfish: my girlfriend don*t want to go with me in counseling Office for couples..She sad that this is throwing the money. I says that is important for me, but don*t have the interest,

  • They are naive: My daughter has big plans in relationship with going in New York and with carrier in theater. She simply don*t aware in what she was getting into.

  • They are self confident: we always work like boss said we listening hes orders. That lead me nuts because hes behavior is like: every idea is better from others even if he don*t know what he talking about.

  • They are unreasonable: My nice aunt Sleeping on old mattress she has awful problem with spot but without consideration on that what am talking to her, she refuse to buy her a new mattress all in my family talking to me: Aunt is simply crazy you cannot be reasonable with her. Presupposes this is the truth.

If we thinking like this its not surprising why we finish with argues. Like we care for our aunt. She wish to help and is capable for that in matter of facts she working exactly all of us doing: if others persons hardheaded we are trying to deal with demand with what stopping them to see reasonable.

Who is wise person

  • Wise person is that one which knows what is really important in life and how reach this.

  • Wise person is that one which use her own intelligence for the common good. She knows to make balance between own interests and interests of the other people and wide community.

Categories of wisdom

  • Wise person

How to became wise

  • Understand human nature existing

  • trying to learn from own mistakes

How to use wisdom

  • He knows when someone needs to give or should

Life context

  • Knows that during life priorities are changing

  • its aware possible conflict*s between different life

Personal and social behavior

  • Knows to be good listener

  • is very human

Why is good to be wise

  • Wise people get old success fully. Pleasure and happy in elder age are more connected with wisdom that objective life permit like is health, material condition and in surround which we live.

  • Wisdom is magnificent connects with life plesure and at mans and at women*s and is much magnifier maker from some life surround like for example health.

  • Wiser women passing easy true crisis calls with menopause.

Her are some of that mistakes because of we could behave dumb no matter of facts what we maybe(at least that confirm our IQ)very smart.

  • Am the smartest -we believe that is world turning around us if does not we believe that he must to. Behave that to us be good no matter of facts how will affect on humans around us.

  • Am the smartest-we believe how we know everything what needs to know and how because we should not listen opinions ans advices of others.

  • Am the strongest-Believe how us ours intelligence and education makes as the as all never could hurt us or harm us.

That what you don*t have worth a lot more.

Seneca the Elder

My personal opinion how to make step closer to reconciliation is pure education. Earth is free for moving. I like to ride a bike when I have free time, and for summer I planning to ride in Croatia but how? What will happened when somebody ask me where I am from? I know personally human*S which was there in war with Croatia and still teach they*r kids to discriminate Bosnian, Albanian although passed the twenty years and don*t pay attention that they*r children is not fault at all. One man from Croatia is able to kill half Serbia only because he lost brother twenty year*s ago. This is statement one man witch I meet behind the bar when was ordering juice because I was thirsty. I was travel often when i was part of Cultural Ansamble in New Sad from Vojvodina. We travel from Slovakia to Czech Republic I don*t have chance to argue or verbal attack on me. Although was couple times scratch with my shoulder the passenger, he stopped me and overtook me to say excuse me I was fault although was my blame. Need to find new fresh material whit which Youth Reconciliation Ambassadors together with peoples help will built new bridges of communication. War is not start by citizens. Somehow we need to revive words Thanks, words of praise. First need to squeeze a pimple to drain out all the pus. After that comes short psychological pain, but after that comes joy and happiness, because we did something… While is discrimination of human rights which I am witness. Prosecutor determining me the punishment for a traffic violation in room where is prohibited smoking, i almost was choked with nicotine smoke. This is just crumb of events as the law violates their position and discriminate us regular citizens. Law also need to get together and start to prosecute equally for all…. I am Slovak but when I go to Slovakia and citizens notice my passport they almost spiting on me and calling me lousy Serb. This is one horrible sign how is our politics lousy. I will not stop and make me feel sorry I stand strong on ground with my heads up because I believe in my self and also I know from where is my roots from.

My goal is:

Attend to spread good personality spread woke up humans the most important thing it is intuition…People of the 21 century think that intuition is actully just money..

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