U fokusu rada Instituta za evropske poslove je praćenje pregovora Srbije sa EU i jačanje kapaciteta svih uključenih u procesu. Imajući u vidu složenost i dugotrajnost ovog procesa, Institut okuplja veliki broj stručnih saradnika sa kojima organizuje treninge, debate i druga usavršavanja zato što želimo da svojim radom doprnesemo boljem razumevanju evroatlantskih integracija. Institut radi na organizovanju treninga i pružanju multiperspektivnih informacija kako bismo omogućili aktivno učešće stručne javnosti i građana u procese donošenja odluka. Institut aktivno zagovara i zalaže se za temeljne reforme u okviru pegovaračkog procesa i u saradnji sa partnerima jačamo kapacitete Srbije da se suoči sa izazovima u globalnom svetu kroz zajedničko delovanje, koje za krajnji cilj ima aktivno članstvo Srbije u evroatlantskim okvirima za dobrobit svih građana.

My contribution to the Regional Reconciliation

I will describe some of lectures which were mostly interesting for me (where I learned most of things) and how I contributed.

War Crimes Prosecution and Court, I have learned mostly. About war time 1992-1999 in ex. Yugoslavia. Mostly I knew about Srebrenica and Kosovo. Also I knew that there was war in other countries but I did not know anything about those countries. In Kosovo-Serbia war time I was just 7 years old, I just started first class and I did not know anything about conflicts, politics and all other things which were consequences of beginning the war. But now I know much more. On visit in this institution I have learned about: how much victims were (city/country), how much of them are still missing and other cities and villages where there were victims. By big number of victims I thought that there was genocide also in Kosovo, not just in Srebrenica (as it was), because in Kosovo there was also big number of victims. I thought it was genocide, but firstly I did not know exact explanation of genocide as a crime act. After learning that genocide is any following act committed with intends to destroy any nation/religion from one country/region. After this I learned that there was genocide just in Srebrenica, because there was intend of destroying Muslims from that region of BIH. But in Kosovo it was not intend of destroying Serbs or Albanian from Kosovo mostly from North part. By my thought in Kosovo was intended of revenging by both sides. The movie on CD which they shown to us, helped us a lot.

OSCE Mission in Serbia. I mostly liked that lecturer told us that we have to tell about war crimes which National Army from our country committed to others. I knew a few about KLA (UCK) but it is my national army. As I told that there was no Bosniak army in Kosovo, but I knew a few about KLA (UCK) for which most of them told that they were there to defend Kosovo from Serbs. I was happy that all other YRA’s were honest and told all the truth.

REKOM was very much interesting for me, because I did not know that there is any institution/organisation which wants to find all missing victims in ex. Yugoslavia. In archive we saw that there are a lot of documents which can help to prosecute all murders and help to find missing victims.

Kosovo ambassador for Kosovo-Serbia agreements and dialogs was mostly interesting for me. As I wrote on my first “MEDIA APPEARANCE” it was mostly interesting for me, because it was about country where I live and about the future of that country. I did not know a lot of about Brussels’ dialog. I made good questions to Kosovo representative and I get good answers. By this I learn a lot of this dialog which helped me a lot for PEER TO PEER education.

In Serbia national institution and others Embassies I have learned but not so much. I liked when we were in National Assembly of Republic Serbia. Everyone get good answers on questions which were made. In Embassies I did not like so much. In Slovenia main topic all time was “Bank of Ljubljana” for which I did not have clue what they did. It was not interesting for me. In BIH was little better but I did not like that ambassador from embassy started to speak on Bosnian and then after some minutes he turned in English. UK and German embassy were good, I learn a lot of UK how it operate and about German-French relations in the past and now.

European movement shows us a lot of successful projects. They have offices in lot of Serbian cities which is good. They giving help to youth people, I would like to see something like that in Kosovo.

In this five days seminar I have seen that all of us where ready to communicate ready for reconcile. Maybe for Serbs and Albanian they have never met each other and maybe they were scary how it will be, but it was nice. By those I see that have learned a lot of things. Maybe now there is not big contribution, but in near future there will be big contribution by all of us to reconcile process, because we are future of this region we are there for new changes. What I mean about this “changes in the near future”. I am second year of my studies in the spur of Public Administration which has to do with all Public (Government) institution and also with NGO sector (third sector). So my plan for near future is to open one multiethnic NGO, little bit the same lake OOO and where I can made trainings and seminar about past in the region and how we can make better future. This is why I wrote it is not big contribution now, but it will be in near future. Before being part of YRA third generation, I was not interesting in politics, but now I more interesting because I see that our lives are related to politics, so I decided to be part of Kosovo voting in November but not just to vote (like everyone do it). I will be part of commission for one Bosniak party in North Mitrovica where I had some lectures last few days and learned a lot of things related to politics. I do not know exactly when to make my plan real, but I think next year. I want to do it because I see that youth is not very much included in politics and in reconcile process just because of today’s politics. My contribution in reconcile process now is good, thanks to PEER TO PEER and media appearance which help me a lot and youth people are more ready to reconcile. The best idea in YRA seminar was intercultural night, I really liked it. Maybe I cannot change everyone in Kosovo, but I hope I will change youth people which are 70% in Kosovo. Youth is everything today future is in youth hands, so I want to change youth. Kosovo youth have prejudges for going in Serbia they do not feel safe, but we have change it also. Everything has to be changed step by step. When I open it and when it starts to work I hope maybe we can be partners and exchange participants, but this in 2014, because of voting in this November.

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