U fokusu rada Instituta za evropske poslove je praćenje pregovora Srbije sa EU i jačanje kapaciteta svih uključenih u procesu. Imajući u vidu složenost i dugotrajnost ovog procesa, Institut okuplja veliki broj stručnih saradnika sa kojima organizuje treninge, debate i druga usavršavanja zato što želimo da svojim radom doprnesemo boljem razumevanju evroatlantskih integracija. Institut radi na organizovanju treninga i pružanju multiperspektivnih informacija kako bismo omogućili aktivno učešće stručne javnosti i građana u procese donošenja odluka. Institut aktivno zagovara i zalaže se za temeljne reforme u okviru pegovaračkog procesa i u saradnji sa partnerima jačamo kapacitete Srbije da se suoči sa izazovima u globalnom svetu kroz zajedničko delovanje, koje za krajnji cilj ima aktivno članstvo Srbije u evroatlantskim okvirima za dobrobit svih građana.

(Humanity, liberty, peace)-deadly viruses

Humans, People who always use this simple word to refer to others, but never analyze that they are also included in the meaning of this simple word. We often justify ourselves with our reasons in minds in order to release our soul from feeling guilty of what we have done, it has not only to do with what we have done but also what we haven’t done so far. Are we so deaf and blind for not being able to recognize that we are same, all born very insane and somehow within time we got infected by a virus called “Humanity” while doctors fight and study to find the remedy and drugs for every virus, but why no one didn’t care about humanity virus, so we all are infected with it and just suffer from different diseases that humanity creates day by day. We are not even aware that we started like zombies to eat each other, to kill, make suffer, torture and congratulate each of us for our success and what we have done, we are even at that degree that we are often using the expression BRAVO to all of humans! Wondering that we were something different before we got infected with this humanity, maybe better maybe worse, but for sure each of us still are in the effect of this deadly virus. What is even worse is that we all are thinking that this Humanity is good, or the best thing ever invented, we fight for humanity, we try our best to kill someone in order to save someone else, we even challenged our immunity with this virus and our organism created another virus which is occurring each of us now days, but please don’t wonder when I say that this virus is called Liberty another that brings dead and it is in cooperation with humanity and has occupied every cell of our body, this virus is leading us towards war, and unfortunately this war is not against humanity , but against poor people that are infected with humanity, and they again kill, make someone suffer and in the end grow the other virus called liberty or freedom.

Is everyone convinced that fighting and killing someone for liberty is good because we are just fighting to protect humanity, by killing others. So unfortunately we still think that liberty is very good thing, free of everything, but the worst is even that we even feel free of guilt of killing others as well.

We even are not aware that we are acting like animals in jungle, killing in order to survive, fighting for another virus called Peace, did someone question is there any other way to achieve Peace without fighting, without casualties, without making someone suffer and feel the consequences every moment, and why again we are fighting to be infected by another virus Peace!

God dammed, than what happens when we all are living in the peace, still we are not comfortable, still this viruses are showing their effects and pushing us again towards fight for a piece of land, for abstract thing called nationality , for religion, and for so called values.

Again wondering why we are so deaf and blind and we still are not aware that these values are all created by people, is it worth to kill them with the reason of protecting these values?

Anyway, sad to admit but People recognized everything invented fancy technological staff, invented different systems, governing, foods, drinks etc. But they couldn’t find a way to heal their greedy soul.

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